Management Team

Nader Sadrzadeh

Nader Sadrzadeh


Nader Sadrzadeh 于 2013 加入 Kionix,担任总裁兼首席执行官。在担任此职前,Sadrzadeh 先生是 Kionix 的董事会成员,在领导全球半导体公司方面有着丰富的成功经验。 

Sadrzadeh 先生将继续担任 Kionix 的母公司 ROHM 的副总裁兼总经理。

Sadrzadeh 先生于 2009 年加入 ROHM 集团,他在 2002 到 2009 年之间任职于日本 OKI Electric Industry Co. 的 OKI Semiconductor 部门,担任副总裁兼首席信息官。他在加入 OKI 前,是 Andersen and Decision Technologies 的管理顾问。Sadrzadeh 先生拥有威斯康星大学的理学学士学位和 M.B.A. 学位,主攻金融和运营管理领域。

Sadrzadeh 先生担任 Kionix 的总裁兼 CEO 后,将致力于利用 ROHM 的丰富资源推动 Kionix 取得更大的发展和成功。

Scott A. Miller

Scott A. Miller, Ph.D.

Vice President, Engineering

Dr. Miller received his B.S. in Physics from Purdue University in 1991 and received his M.S. ('95) and Ph.D. ('98) in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University. As an undergraduate, his research focused on the use of scanning tunneling microscopes to characterize surface roughness. His graduate research focused on the design and fabrication of an array of micro-electromechanical scanning probe microscopes.

While completing his thesis, Scott joined Kionix as the senior engineer developing an ultra-high density MEMS data storage system. When that project ended, Scott continued working at Kionix on inertial sensors and optical mirror arrays. Over the years he has been at Kionix, his role has evolved from senior design engineer to design manager to product and application director to vice president of engineering.

Dr. Miller is the co-author of 6 technical publications in reviewed journals, 8 conference papers, and 1 book chapter. He is also the co-inventor on 11 U.S. patents. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

John M. Chong

John M. Chong, PhD

Vice President, Product and Business Development

John is responsible for productizing and supporting Kionix's growing portfolio of sensors, and for developing new business opportunities.  Previously he was Director of Product Engineering and was also responsible for developing the Manufacturing Test capabilities for Kionix's accelerometer products as production increased tenfold to 100M units/yr. 

Before joining Kionix in 2006, Dr. Chong worked for Calient Networks, a company focused on using Optical MEMS to support increased bandwidth through the automated management of fiber optic networks.  He completed his B.S. (‘93) and his Ph.D. (‘99) in Electrical Engineering at Cornell University, where he worked on novel techniques for the design and manufacturing of Microfludic MEMS.

John holds a number of patents, has spoken at numerous conferences about sensors and their role in the Internet of Things and currently serves on the Governing Council of the MEMS Industry Group.

Nicole Kerness

Nicole Kerness, Ph.D.

Vice President, Sensor Design and Technology

Nicole Kerness joined Kionix as VP of Sensor Design and Technology from the Advanced R&D team at Maxim Integrated. As an Executive Director at Maxim Integrated, Nicole managed a team focused on Optical Sensor Integration and wafer level packaging of those sensors. These have been used in applications such as ambient light sensing, RGB, proximity, gesture, UV and heart rate sensors. Additional areas of research have been in bio and environmental sensors. She was responsible for technology development for sensor strategy and brought multiple new sensor and technologies to high volume production.

At SMI, after working as a program manager on a wide range of sensors: pressure sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, microphones and several other devices, she lead the engineering team as Vice President of Product Engineering. In this role she managed engineers to develop, improve, and sustain the product portfolio primarily pressure sensors (both die and packaged parts) for automotive, medical and industrial applications. She was responsible for sensor design, simulation, characterization, packaging, test, and development.

Just prior to SMI, she was a post doc at Stanford University for one year in the Transducers lab lead by Prof. Greg Kovacs.

Nicole earned her Ph.D. at ETH Zurich in the research group of Prof. Henry Baltes. Her Master of Engineering was from Cornell University and BS in Engineering Physics from RPI in Troy, NY. She is the co-author of multiple technical publications in reviewed journals and conferences papers. She is the co-inventor on 20 U.S. patents/patent applications. She is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Yoshihiro Tada

Yoshihiro Tada

Vice President ASIC Technology

Yoshihiro Tada joined Kionix as Vice President ASIC Technology in 2014.
Prior to joining Kionix, Mr. Tada served 24 years with ROHM Semiconductor, parent company of Kionix, in a LSI R&D. His recent position was as General Manager of Sensor development and Leader of Kionix integration project at ROHM HQ. He possesses broad knowledge of plan and design ASIC.

At Kionix, Mr. Tada is responsible for all Company's ASIC design.

Mr. Tada is a graduate of Ritsumeikan University with a BS in Electronics.

Scott Kobylarz

Scott Kobylarz

VP, Quality Assurance and Automotive Products

Mr. Kobylarz has over 20 years of professional engineering experience dealing with product management, product design, application engineering, and quality management.

Prior to joining Kionix, Mr. Kobylarz worked for Borg Warner for 18 years, most recently as Chief Engineer - Americas.  At Borg Warner, he successfully led business units that captured more than $300M in new business for the company from U.S. and European OEMs. In addition to his business leadership skills, his engineering efforts resulted in patented technology as well as numerous process and development advancements adopted globally by Borg Warner. 

Scott holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.